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The 2021 Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Competition will be held online during the Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair. Each competing jeweller will stream their work to the virtual fair whilst completingtheir competiton piece. Details will be sent through to each competitor outlining the online process.

Jeweller Category

  • 5 Places available
  • 15hrs completion time – AUS and NZ (9-12/12:30-4:30 – 11th and 12th)
  • Manufacturing must be streamed live over the 15hrs.


$1000 Cash prize from Q Report
$1000 Voucher for Australian Jewellery Suppliers


$500 Voucher for Morris and Watson

Student / Apprentice Category

  • 10 Places available – Entrant must be working for a manufacturing jeweller or studying.
  • 15hrs completion time – AUS and NZ (9-12/12:30-4:30 – 11th and 12th)


1 Year Subscription to Jewellery Training Solutions


$500 Voucher for Australian Jewellery Suppliers

Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Championships.
Entry Form:

    Jeweller Category - $295:


    Student Category - $75:

    Acceptance of T&C's:


    Terms and Conditions:

    Entries close on the 23rd of February 2021. * All entrants will be sent a pack of material to work with. * This pack of materials is onloan to the entrant from the JIVF. * All materials, including scrap metal and finished competition piece, must be returned to the JIVFteam at the commencement of the competition. * If for any reason the competitor can not compete, all materials must be returnedas soon as possible to the JIVF team. * Prize's can not be exchanged for cash, or any other items. * Entrants must have 100% ofentrance fee paid before commencement of the competition. * Competition is only open to residents of Australia. * Thecompetiton will be judged by the 30th April and winner announced within 24hrs. *