Chemgold offers a complete one stop for CAD / CAM – from designing, printing, casting, moulds, finishing and setting. We design wax models that are made to meet precise quality standards with ultra fine attention to detail and intricate features.


Chemgold is a state of the art precious metals casting house, specialising in gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys.

Chemgolds skilled engineers look at sprue placement to ensure a porous free result every time! We take pride in providing flawless castings using sophisticated technology to benefit jewellers across Australia.


CAD jewellery design increases in demand every year, as it provides endless opportunities for you and your customers.

From a unique engagement ring to a symbolic pendant, no design is too complex. The difficulty or intricacies in your designs are eradicated because with CAD the possibilities are endless. 

3D Print

Chemgold guarantees the smoothest surface finish possible on 3D printers and ensures your designs will be print and cast in two working days from the time your CAD file is received*.

Our team of precious metal specialists and engineers use the most advanced technology to achieve the highest quality. Reliability and experience in precious metals is critical when selected a company for CAD/CAM.


Precious Metals

Our exclusive formulations are based on special grain refiners, chemical additives and raw materials. This generates consistency in the cell structure of the metal, which makes Chemgold alloys heat treatable and perfect for all applications including drawing, stamping and drilling.


Our reputation is based on honesty, high quality products and service to our customers. We are committed to being the most reliable refiner in the industry by providing our customers with competitive prices, fast processing and exceptional customer service. By sending us your scrap metal, you are able to save money, which in turn increases your profits.


JewelMounts offer a complete collection of quality mounts, shanks, settings, gents and much more. 

Each design can be ordered in stock in stock sizes or customised to your exact specifications. Modify the centre stone to any size or shape, add accent diamonds to any solitaire, adjust bands and settings… anything is possible!

Available as castings or semi set-finished (ready to set for speedy delivery) in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, Palladium or Platinum.

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