Fortune Opal

Guaranteed Natural Solid Australian Opal.

Point of origin verified

Wholesale Lightning Ridge Black Opal
We mine and source opal directly from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Backed by 90+ years of collective industry experience our team supplies these stunning gems to the wholesale market worldwide.

Truly Rare and Unique
No two natural opals are the same, even when an opal is split to create a pair there will be very small differences in colour play or patterns

Mining for opal is one of the most exciting parts of our business, we love being underground and searching for gems in our claims. If we could we’d spend all our time digging and let the rest of the world just pass us by. Undoubtedly one of the last frontiers on our planet, every day digging is a chance to unearth beautiful unique gems and explore where no human has been before.


It would be great if we could personally dig out all the opal to satisfy our market, but have quickly found it impossible to have a comprehensive selection of material for every request from our customers just from our own production (you are a picky bunch!) To this end we work with a small group of like-minded hard working miners to curate a range of Australian opal suitable for the world market from an ethical source and indisputable origin.

We love boulder opals too. The miners in outback Queensland produce some magnificent boulder opal also unique to Australia. Spectacular brightness and interesting formations like boulder matrix are very appealing and in high demand. Boulder opal represents great value and size for money.

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