JC Jewels

JC Jewels specialises in diamond wholesale and jewellery. We bring over 60 years cumulative experience supplying diamonds and diamond jewellery across Australia and New Zealand.

JC Jewels was a first mover in wholesaler to launch Lab Grown diamonds in Australia – today we are the largest supplier and importer of Lab Grown diamonds, across Australia and New Zealand, working with the most trusted growers and manufacturers in the world.

With our in-house tech team, we develop and implement custom digital solutions to assist jewellers to buy and sell diamonds, empowering them with access to global inventories in real time.
JC Jewels facilitates all logistics, giving Australian retailers the ability to buy in their local currencies and with local shipping costs.
JC Jewels is disrupting the traditional wholesale model by training retailers on how to source their diamonds in an innovative way that enables choice for the end consumer.
Our top-tier clients have achieved significant growth from our training programs. Unlike other Australian dealers, we do not hold large inventories or extend long credit terms; rather, with automation and technology, we have significantly reduced expenses derived from warehousing inventory, allowing us to operate on lower margins. Our model is underpinned by custom technology, our large network of long-standing trusted relationships and our reputation in the trade.
We train clients to trust in our sourcing internationally, and to purchase from our vetted online inventory on our B2B portal, empowering them with more choice of product at lower prices.
One of the keys to our success is the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of our feeds enabled by our custom software build.

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