The National Council of Jewellery Valuers is the only professional jewellery organisation in Australia where members are trained to an approved standard.  When it comes to the scientific analysis of precious and semi-precious gems, this is an extremely important distinction that delivers maximum protection.

Our policy of ongoing training means our members are kept up to date with the latest market trends that can affect price. Equally important, as skilled professionals, they have a level of knowledge that is a requirement for membership of the NCJV that other members of the jewellery industry may not have acquired.

A group of committed jewellery valuers founded the NCJV in 1984 to promote and maintain the highest professional standards for jewellery valuation in Australia. From the outset, the organisation focused on the need for ongoing professional education based on scientific analysis and specialist industry knowledge. This is a critical point of difference because under current Australian law tertiary qualifications are not required to operate as a jewellery valuer.

NCJV represents more than 2,000 retail outlets across Australia and together our members deliver close to two million valuations every year.

Becoming an NCJV Registered Valuer™ takes effort and commitment on behalf of our members. Our training covers all key areas of gemmological study, including gemstone grading, the detection of synthetic gemstones and the accurate valuation of all types of valuables from antique jewellery and watches to precious metal alloys. If a member fails to keep up to date with their training, they risk losing their membership as an NCJV Registered Valuer™.

NCJV undertakes regular research in Australia and overseas which is a vital source of information for members on the latest synthetic materials, treatments and market trends. In addition, our members have access to a network of other experts for technical advice and updates on industry issues.

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