Prana Diamonds

Prana Diamonds is a Brisbane-based Australasian Diamond Manufacturing Company, with parental roots outside of Australia. It was founded and established in Australia by Aagam Doshi in 2019-20.

Aagam, comes from a diamond trade family with his family into this business for 30 years. Along with offices around the world and a small consulted manufacturing unit in India, he set foot in Australia for business in 2019 and has been contributing to the Jewellery Industry since then.

Down the line, with hits and trials, successes and failures, he developed a one-stop supply platform for all sorts of diamonds a jeweller will ever get asked for.

Be it small accent diamonds, center stones, matching pairs of unusual cut diamonds, salt and pepper or black diamonds, antique old cuts, champagne, yellows, pinks as well as a calibrated Diamond Layouts, Prana Diamonds has been acing it in all kinds.

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