Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and Pepper Diamonds is Proudly an Australian owned business
If you love jewellery, you’ll spend every moment of the day beckoning to its call.

You think about it constantly and like us you probably dream about it also. Salt and Pepper Diamonds is a relatively new company importing rough and facet diamonds from places around the globe. We are very careful to entrust mines and suppliers of goods that follow the Kimberly process eliminating conflicting diamonds from the supply chain.

We have been active in the jewellery industry since 1957, always searching for that product of difference, something unique. Salt and Pepper Diamonds are all uniquely flawed diamonds bearing each stone different. Due to the nature of this material it was once deemed as not suitable for jewellery and often used for tooling however is now highly sort after with growing trends and increasingly difficult to find.

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are naturally heavily flawed diamonds. The term comes from the appearance of scattered salt and pepper like inclusions throughout the stone. All of our Diamonds are ethically sourced as per requirement of the strict Kimberly process established in 2003. Our Diamonds are of natural origin if an enhancement or treatment is used it is fully disclosed. On request we can produce a diamond Dossier report. For more significant stones we can organise a lab report, this will incur additional charges. Salt and Pepper Diamonds reserve the right to make price alterations due to human errors.

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