Established in 1981, JW Magazine is Australia and New Zealand’s premier industry magazine with the largest distribution, published eleven times a year. JW Magazine also publishes the annual and indispensable Jewellery World Directory.

Created for retail jewellers, manufacturers, wholesalers and salespeople, JW Magazine provides insider knowledge on the latest in industry trade and current affairs.

As the industry’s preferred publication, our mission is to inform our audience on trends and developments impacting the jewellery business. JW Magazine’s dynamic platform offers editorial coverage and educational tools to grow your business and improve profitability.

Our online and print media attracts jewellery buyers and wholesalers, connecting a community of industry leaders and like-minded individuals interested in contemporary sensibilities and innovation.

JW Magazine is invaluable to anyone attuned to the industry, wanting to be at the forefront of key trends and developments in jewellery and watches.

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